Content Writing for Mompreneurs: 2 Powerful Tools

Content writing can open great arenas of remote-working for stay-at-home moms and dads. And for all those who prefer remote working to earn their bread and butter!

In this article you will see 2 powerful tools that you can use to become a content writing expert.

  • Create powerful stories.
  • Start your own WordPress Blog

Content Writing Tool # 1: Create Powerful Stories

Let me tell you a story!

Once upon a time, have you unintentionally shed a tear or two while watching a video or a movie? Have you dabbed your eyes, when that person in ragged clothes, told you about her life? Have you not sighed when you read something somewhere someday?

Content writing for Moms - wordpress, blogging, content writing
Content Writing for Stay at home moms

What made us feel these things? Our EMOTIONS! And what awakens these emotions in our hearts: STORIES

Stories are the primal emotional thread that connects each and every one of us. Stories incite sentiments and give insights into the world.

But is there a way to utilize this primordial feeling into magnetizing your business and in driving your sales to paramount?  How do you tell a story to stir up possible empathy in your prospective clients? How can you make your customers buy your stories when they have no intention in buying anything? 

Can stories tell as well as sell?

Indeed! If you are astute, your stories can be sold and made your source of your profit.

But how do you craft powerful stories that can be utilized to magnetize your business and to drive up your sales?

There are piles of books that can teach you how to craft stories for novels, movie scripts so on and so forth. Referring to those books and scratching your head is a fiasco if you wish to tell your business story.

But worry not! 

We are going to give you 5 tips in crafting, telling, and selling your story.

Step 1 – Follow the GFD Format of Presentation

Grab Your headlines and catchphrases must capture your potential customer’s attention.

Facts – make facts stick.

DataMake your data understandable and relatable to the audience.

The presentations of your story matter! 

A drab story can dampen your customer’s enthusiasm in reaching out to you. The language you use to present your story, your conflicts, and your crossroads must grab their attention. However, do not rely on fallacies. Your story must drip in truth and facts. If your stories smell of lies the customers cannot rely on your company. Your story must be true as well as your story must be something that the readers can connect to. 

Step 2- Pack Your Punch

Think of a way to make your story relatable at the same time approachable. Set the stage of your story with a solid background tapestry.

Tell them your untold pain, frustrations, failure, sweat and tears. Let your story unfold what was at stake for you and the risks you took to reach the summit. Find a way to connect your story with your customers ’ journey in attaining their individual goals.

Demonstrating who you are, with your blood and wound, creates the crucial connection between you and your prospectus clienteles.

Let the customers find your story as theirs!

Step 3- Provoke Prospect Empathy

Through powerful language and story, you must tell them how much you care about solving their problems and achieving their dreams. Describe the future state of the prospect or customer that he or she will experience if they chose to journey with your company. Lure them into you with your stories. Make them believe your company is the only possible and reliable shoulder that they can lean-to.

Let your words sway them! 

Step 4- A Vision In Your Story Always Pays

Your stories must share the knowledge of your company. Let them know who you are, why you are here and how you are different from your competitors. Communicate your vision and inspire your reader to act. Make them sit on the edge of their seat with your arresting story and make them buy your services or products the minute their eyes reach the full stop. 

Setting a proper vision and diligently following it to the dot can help you to magnetize your business.

Let the world feel you are their only possible option to safely and easily reach their destination.

Step 5- Sell Your Story

Your stories must stimulate the emotional part of your customer’s brain. Your story must grip them and make them experience an emotional voyage.

To woo your customers you need to tell a story that they have never heard or considered of. In that context of your company’s story, they will remember the story forever. Thus the first thought in their memory would be your name when they need services or products.

A story provides context to customers and an effective way to drive your points home harder. 

You may have the top-notch PR Company working for you, fascinating websites are created, and you may have beefed up your social media accounts and have given advertisements in every old schooled and novel social media platform. Yet the traffic is not funneling into your company. Your business is slow. You may have done everything right, from the A to Z’s, but you have forgotten to tell the most important and rudimentary thing –your story. In the hustle and bustle, if you have remembered to portray who you truly are, it could have made an initial first and lasting impression on your readers mind.

In the world of business, only the fittest survive and how can you be the fittest in the vast ocean of business? It is by having an organic and original story. Eye-grabbing stories will help you to get noticed in this vast sea of companies.

In order to craft and tell a good story as well as to sell it, you need to be familiar with this basic yet effective format. 

These are the framework for creating a powerful story regarding your company. Flesh it up with facts, give it sweat like blood, breathe life to it and dress it up with the truth. ET Voila! Let the world be charmed by your story and let the story funnel the world into doing business with you. 

Make your story powerful and utilize its power to draw business to your company and to drive your sales up on the chart.

Moral of the story: Story tells and sells!

Content Writing Tool # 2: Start Your Own WordPress Blog

For Content Writing, why choose blog over books or websites?

The rudimentary difference between a blog and a website is its theoretical difference in formathow the data is being presented

Websites are static. Quality and consistent content updates increase the traffic of a blog. However, a website is an apt virtual store for selling your products or services and you can even link your website to your blog. 

When it comes to books you have to spend hours and hours of typing, finding a good publisher and have to face numerous rejections. And if in culmination you succeed in finding a publisher, you will have to invest in the printing process, promotions, etc. And there is no guarantee that your book will be picked by anyone even though you have ingeniously articulated it.

Out of the two options Blogging is cost and time-efficient. It is the strongest tool to boost your online presence, increase your revenue and educate the traffic by writing or posting about your passion. It gives you the freedom no other vocation can give as well as it helps you to build an influential online identity.

In the contemporary world, a strong online identity will have a tremendous influence among your traffic and it will directly reflect in your bank account.

Still dubious thoughts are creeping in the dark caverns of your mind, to whether you should host a blog?

Then let us introduce you to CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress that will effortlessly help you in creating a blog. 

Why Only WordPress as CMS? 

WordPress is one of the most dominant CMS in the world, which has over 60 million websites around the globe running on it. However, it has certain features reserved to it that made it the most opted and loved CMS.

WordPress stands for FREE-dom!

WordPress is a famous free software using which you can create blogs and websites. You are free to download, install, use and modify it to match your needs. Though you need a domain name and web hosting, you can seek the aid of Bluehost for this purpose. For a WPBeginner they offer several discounts and one can start hosting for a price of approximately 5k. And they even provide a free domain name if using Bluehost.

This open-source platform provides us with the freedom to install plugins and enhancing the blog functionality. It also protects your data with the free backup plugins to automatically create backups of your blog and store it safely on a remote location.

WordPress for Dummies!

For non-tech savvy Ladies, happy news! , WordPress has an extremely user-friendly format. It also has multifarious free website templates or themes and astonishing Visual Editor such as bold, italic, underline, hyperlink, color, fonts, etc. to craft and play attractive content. They are easy to customize allowing you to create beautiful sliders, update logos, change the background and authentically customize it to your requirements without writing any complicated codes. Another advantage of WordPress is that you can add custom functionality to the blog or website with the aid of free and premium plugins. You can even add advanced features like analytics, contact forms, membership area, and so forth.

It also has built-in updates management system allowing you to periodically update your plugins and themes by simply clicking a button on your WordPress Admin dashboard

WordPress for Wealth!

This CMS is written with standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic markup. Or in layman’s language, it helps your blogs or websites made in WordPress to be ranked higher than others in Google and other search engines.

WordPress is 360○ SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) friendly and it even provides SEO plugins to further optimize your blog. Here is an article on how SEO writing is a big-time opportunity for content writers.

Higher the rank on search engines, higher the traffic and more bankrolls.

WordPress is your safe box!

In the real world, the internet is the most uncertain and unpredictable place. Anything can get hacked or erased by any intruders. However, WordPress is considered one of the very safe and secure platforms available to run a blog. A few simple features available in WordPress and following it to the tee can make your blog immune to brute force attacks and malware.

Add Textual Content and Photos in WordPress!

WordPress is not limited to writing words; it also has a built-in up-loader for handling images, audio and video files. It also supports embedded enabled websites and embeds YouTube videos, Instagram photographs, Tweets and Soundcloud audios by pasting the URL in the WordPress Post Editor.

Ladies, for whatever reason you have decided to build a blog – whether to turn your passion into a profession or as a hobby- WordPress has the caliber to transform your simple blog into an eCommerce marketplace and anything in between. 

With strategic vision, your blog can transform your services or products into revenue. Picking the correct marketing strategies like PPC (Pay Per Click), Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, etc. can help you to promote your blog and in increasing your traffic. Picking up the right products or passion and blogging about it can help you to grab the attention of the traffic. With minimum revenue, you can build a blog that can be transformed into an empire with a tactical approach such as SEO-optimized content, consistent posting, unique and quality content presentation, efficient marketing management skills, etc. WordPress is the most convenient and budget-friendly CMS available in the market. 

The day when you started your blog with 5k, you would have never dreamed of producing the revenue of 6 digits from your blog. So, Ladies and girls, what are you waiting for, start your FREE blogging journey of Content Writing today here at

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