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How to Become an Expert in Digital Marketing in India 2020

Digital Marketing in India in 2020 can be summarized in two Words: Content Marketing!

Do more content marketing. Learn Content marketing and that is how you can be a master in Digital Marketing.

Everyone is talking about a booming career opportunity in Digital Marketing in India. 

What the hell is DM by the way?

And why you should look into it as a serious way of making an income working online.

What is the future of digital marketing in India 2020?

India is the second-biggest user of the internet and online market worldwide in 2019, second only to China. 

In 2020, India had nearly 700 million internet users across the country. This figure was projected to grow to over 974 million users by 2025, indicating a big market potential in internet services.

Here is the big news – the future of digital marketing is BIG !!!! 

How big? Here is one digital marketing in india report.

After Covid hit many business in India, they have gone online and started marketing their products directly to their customers. This direct marketing has opened up the flood doors of Digital Marketing Boom in India. 

People before making a decision to buy they want to know WHY?

Why this product is good for me?

Why not another product?

Why is it costly?

Why is it cheap?

Here is a video that shows what is the one word that was used in google search in 2020?

‘Why?’ dominated the 2020 Google Year in Search

This shows that anyone on the planet using the internet has used google to search for answers for their WHYs. This also shows the scope of digital marketing in India.

If your product can solve a problem, then talk about that problem, make content around it. Then give the solution- your product is the solution.

Digital marketing is the one skill you require to make your brand – any brand famous. And specifically what skill is the most required? It is Content writing skill that is all that is really required to put your brand out there and make it known. 

Where do you do content writing? Read on, you do content writing on your 

  1. Website/Blog
  2. Quora
  3. Google Ads
  4. Social Media / paid ads – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  5. Internet Forums
  6. Ebooks
  7. Google queries
  8. WhatsApp Messages
  9. Youtube channel
  10. Google My Business
  11. Google Maps

Salary of Digital Marketing in India

The salary of a digital marketing expert in India is around 5 lakhs per annum. See this report where the salary scale is shown clearly. The actual salary for many friends and family known to this author is much higher than 5 lakhs.

Content Marketing vs Social Media Marketing – Which One is More Important and Why?

Advertising doesn’t build trust. Awareness maybe. No one will thank you for an ad. We still need that human to human connection. That’s the promise of the Internet, connecting those who were not able to connect before to exchange meaningful information. 

(Jon-Mikel Bailey, Wood Street)

There are multiple internet marketing strategies that companies can adopt to develop a comprehensive campaign. Some of these strategies are so well interlinked that it can be difficult to tell them apart. 

Content marketing and social media marketing are two such subsets of internet marketing that can often be confused. That is because you can’t have one without the other. 

Content Marketing Helps Build Trust and Authority

Content marketing is the process of using a company’s online properties, like website and blog, to create unique, relevant content for their target audiences. The content could be in the form of blog posts, articles, how-to guides, infographics, videos, and so on. The intent should be to create content that audiences view as interesting or informative enough to share or link to.

This content is then promoted through various online media which could include the company’s social media channels, internal email lists, content aggregators and online publishers, or even paid ads on search engines and social media sites. 

Investing in strategic content marketing will help companies gain exposure on top publications, improve brand awareness and SERP ranking, and build authority and reputation in an industry. Interesting and relevant content can eventually convert viewers into future customers and brand ambassadors.

One of the advantages of content marketing is that the company is in control of the tone and substance of the content. Of course, how the content is received by the public is not in the hands of the company, because social media puts the control of the conversation in the hands of the consumer.

Social Media Marketing Helps Build Customer Relationships

Social media marketing is the process of using social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to interact with a company’s customers. It enables a two-way conversation between the company and its customers. Social media marketing could take the form of content posted to a company’s social media channel or paid ads targeted to a specific audience (more on these later).

Social media can be used by consumers to voice their opinions about brands and their messaging. These opinions could be positive or negative, and businesses have to be prepared to respond to both kinds of comments. For example, a recent ad by the luxury fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton received so much negative feedback that the company’s shares fell drastically.

The best strategy for a business would be to combine the strengths of both content marketing and social media marketing: promote content via social media channels, and use social media icons on content pages to allow viewers to share or link to the content.

Some Statistics About Content Marketing

To prove that content marketing is not just the latest marketing fad, let’s look at just a few statistics from DemandMetric’s content marketing infographic:

  • 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing.
  • Internet users spend 20% of their online time on consuming content.
  • 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it. 
  • 70% of people would rather learn about a company through articles rather than an advert.
  • Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

Both marketers and agencies agree that content marketing is here to stay. They recognize that content marketing is an essential part of the overall strategy to establish trust and build a loyal customer base. 

Consumers on their part are overwhelmed by the amount of advertising they are exposed to from multiple sources and tend to avoid in-your-face advertising. What they seek is information and entertainment. Brands that can provide timely, reliable information and share-worthy entertainment will have more success than those that do not.

Paid Social Media Ads – Increase Your Visibility

Of course, most times, it is not enough to just publish your content on social media and hope your audience will find it in their feeds. In order to get more visibility on social media platforms, most experts recommend including some component of paid ads on these sites. This is because what a user sees in their news feed is determined by social media algorithms.

Paid social media ads work more or less like PPC ads on search engines. You pay a certain amount to the platform for every click, retweet, share or other relevant metrics. According to Wordstream, “the average cost-per-click (CPC) on Facebook across all industries is $1.72.”

You can also target these ads to a specific audience based on demographics, interest, and so on. There are many guides out there that will tell you how to optimize your social media ads and utilize audience targeting strategies in order to get the most bang for your buck. 

But merely paying for ads on social media sites are not going to get you the results you seek. Creating and publishing unique and valuable content consistently will go a long way in building your reputation and getting qualified traffic to your website.

Watch this space for more articles.